Pacific Northwest

My parents and I spent 4 days traveling in Washington and Oregon over February break for me to look at colleges. This is the break down of the trip. 


My family and I were exhausted by the time we arrived in the Emerald City. We had to endure a college tour and then took a quick snooze in the hotel. We barely had enough time and energy to go into the Space Needle and Chihuly Museum, let alone explore the city in depth or travel outdoors, so nothing new to add there, but it’s still a fun progressive city for sure.


It was a quick drive from Seattle to Portland, especially because we were going against the morning traffic. After falling in love with University of Portland, we walked around the city. For anyone who watched Portlandia, I stopped to check out the bookstore and just had to take a picture in front of it. Portland is a safe and easy enough city just to walk around and explore. They have great places to get a bite to eat (voodoo donuts) and some lovely shops. Portland is known for its entrepreneurship, so it’s a great place to support local businesses.

After trotting around the city and getting dinner with my mother’s cousin, we got a good nights sleep preparing for the long day of driving.

The song in the video is Feel It All Around by Washed Out. 

The Drive (Portland-Spokane):

The best part of the short excursion across the country was the ride along the Columbia River traveling from Portland to Spokane, WA. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest doing this drive seeing as the views wear off once you cross the Columbia River and have nothing to look at for 4 more hours, but the drive through the mountains is spectacular (as it always is). We decided to take Oregon’s Historic Columbia River Highway (tip for life: if there’s a scenic route, always take the scenic route). We drove through the forests and stopped to look over the passes. There were so many places to pull off the road and admire the scenery that it made it almost impossible not to. I’m sure that on a warm and sunny day, it would be lovely to have a picnic.

Some things I would suggest for this, is that you want waterproof or resistant shoes. It’s always misty by waterfalls, meaning that the ground gets a little muddy, and you most certainly do not want your Birkenstocks soaked in mud when you still have 5 more hours to drive.  Also, take in the scenery because when you’re finishing your (boring) drive and looking out to the abyss that is Eastern Washington (not a single tree for miles) you’re going to want a nice memory.

(yes that’s narcissistic Hel trying to get in the picture)

Spokane wasn’t much to blog about, especially because I spent most of my day there on the Gonzaga Univesity campus. But as for the rest of my trip, the Pacific Northwest is a beautiful region of the United States. I highly recommend it and can’t wait to spend my next four years there.



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