​After a 7 year break from it, I decided to take skiing up again. I had been putting it off all season, but with the winter we just had, I decided to take advantage of our late blizzard here in Massachusetts.

As I said earlier, I hadn’t gone skiing in 7 years so it’s safe to say that the pants and jacket I had then no longer fit me. I felt that it was too late in the season for me to buy all new equipment seeing as I have no plans on using it again for another 9 months so I made some accommodations. I wore some warm leggings and rain pants as a substitute for snow pants and it ended up being a good enough switch because they kept me moderately warm and they were waterproof. As for my jacket, I went with lots of layers: a warm undershirt, a thick sweatshirt and my fleece lined Varsity Softball jacket from last season. I was fine there too. Then, after discovering the big bag of ski gloves I had in my attic, I found a pair that fit me but I totally forgot how important it is to bring a set of hand warmers when skiing (noted for next time).

After picking my outfit, I had to choose where to go and the equipment to use. I decided to go to Nashoba Valley Ski Area in Westford, MA. It is a really small ski area with about 15 trails but it was perfect for my friend, Danielle, and I. We both were unsure of our skiing skills (or lack thereof) so we figured trying it out on a simple hill would be perfect and it was. It was really beginner-friendly which made us more comfortable with making mistakes. I brought my own skis (or my moms) and poles which was very convenient. However, my  family stores our hiking poles by our skiing poles and I didn’t stop to realize I had taken the wrong set of poles. About halfway through our skiing the adjustable part of the hiking pole was slipping and I figured out my mistake (never again will I make that mistake again). But other than that, bringing the equipment wasn’t too bad. I was a little self-conscious at first because I was unsure of how outdated the skis or helmet would be but I soon realized that nobody cares about what brand skis I have or the fact that I was wearing rain pants instead of snow pants. But it is also easy enough to rent equipment (like Danielle did) and the Nashoba Valley is safe enough to store your bag and other personal items while you hit the trails. The best part about renting is that you don’t have to pack the car up (the biggest pain if you’re planning on bringing your own) but the downside is that it certainly isn’t free.

As for the action of skiing (if you’ve never done it) it can seem a little scary at first; it looks a lot easier than it is in real life and the ski lift is a shakier than I remembered. It can be hard not to “pizza” your way down the mountain and even when you do stop pizza-ing, you might find it even harder to not just go straight down the mountain at your fastest speed but skiing is a fun activity to pick up once you get the hang of it. I was lucky enough to have an adventurous friend to go with me because we both decided to try the trail with the jumps, and both found out that we loved it (and I only fell once!) It is a really great way to get outside and do something adventurous in the winter months. It takes up a good amount of time (I was gone for 4 hours) but it ends up being worth the time, energy and money in the end.

p.s. I am well aware that I stink at doing the jumps but let me remind you that I hadn’t gone skiing in 7 years.

The song in the video is Breakin’ Point by Peter Bjorn and John

There will definitely be another time I go skiing (but hopefully it does warm up soon so I can try other activities) and when I do go skiing again I will definitely remember to bring skiing poles. I really enjoyed night skiing because the sunset can be really beautiful but if I do it again I will have to remember hand warmers because when the sun goes down, the temperature drops.  I loved skiing and I wished I did it sooner. 5/5


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