Trap Falls and Willard Brook

On Thursday, my friends Bridget and Aidan and I decided to visit a local trail in Ashby, MA. At first, we only planned to check out the Trap Falls, but our day ended in a small hike down the road at the Willard Brook State Forest.​

Trap Falls is a small stop just after the Townsend-Ashby border on Route 119. It is a really small campground with a waterfall running through the middle of it. It is really peaceful but also very simple. It didn’t take us as much time as we planned so we decided that we might as well utilize the trails around us for the rest of the time.

The Willard Brook State Forest is pretty confusing because there are lots of places along Route 119 to park and hike. It’s also difficult to understand which trail is which and what ones are actually part of the Park. We parked across the street from the Visitor Center and headed up a hill into the woods. Whatever path we had taken was marked partially, and the markings were confusing. Also, the trail had looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a while (lots of overgrown branches in the way).

It was further from the water than I had expected but if you took a trail off to the side called “Brook Trail” it would bring you closer to the river. We continued up the main path until we reached a fork in the road. It lead us further up the trail (and further from the river) to what was called the “Friends Loop”. We attempted the path for about a half mile until we figured that it would be much longer until we came full circle (and it was getting dark). We turned around headed back to the car, making the hike total about an hour.

Both Trap Falls and the walking trails were very dog friendly and they seemed very family friendly too, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to go again. I would’ve liked for it to be marked clearer and have the brush cleared a bit more for easier walking.

(Take a Walk by Passion Pit)​


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