Mount Watatic- Ashburnham, MA

If you’re looking for a simple hike on a beautiful day, I will always suggest Mount Watatic. It is one of the closest mountains to Groton. It offers two routes to the summit; at the first fork you could either go straight which ends up being the longer flatter hike, or the Wapack trail which is a quick steep route. Preferably, I like to take the longer route up the mountain and the short route down.

Regardless of what route you take, once you get to the first peak, it is important to go the extra distance traveling just a little bit more East moving to the second peak.  The views of North, Eastern and Southern Massachusetts are insane (and on a clear day you might even be lucky enough to see Boston).

The trail is very dog friendly, which was very lucky for me as my friend Danielle and I stopped to say hello to every furry friend that we passed. We often didn’t mind the company, but if you are looking for a secluded trail, this is not the path for you. Because Watatic is one of the simpler hikes and is very well taken care of, it is a very populated hike. This also means that on a good day, parking will be hard to come by, most end up parking on 119.

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