Doane’s Falls and Tully Lake



If you disregard the long drive and lack of phone service, Western Mass can be full of great places for a hike. Last month, my parents and I took Cooper for a walk Royalston, MA by the Doane’s Falls and around Tully Lake.

The trail long Doane’s Falls was a very half-mile trail that dumps you off onto the road. If you take a left and continue down the street for another quarter-mile you get to a Tully Lake Campground beginning the trail around Tully Lake.

Trail Features:

  • IMG_2148Very Dog Friendly: Because the trail is not too strenuous, it can be very easy to bring around your pet. Also, because the trail surrounds a lake, there is plenty of spots for your pet to cool off and get a drink in the lake.
  • Various Activities: The area offers lots of things to do. In some parts, there were disk golf courses and places to put in boats- making it not exclusive to hiking. There were also volleyball nets, grills and public bathrooms-all the necessities for a perfect picnic.IMG_2149


  • Family-Friendly: The hike was relatively flat the whole way except for one big hill before returning to Doane’s Falls. The trail was also very well kept and well marked, making it hard to get lost.

Overall, it’s a great place to try somewhere new outside of the Groton-Dunstable area.

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